Thank you Brando....!
Love your work! Thank you for taking my imagination on a journey.
You're welcome Pepe....! Thank you for visit.
40.Pepe Alfonso(non-registered)
Voy a citar en enlace a su web en un libro que voy a publicar sobre ABANDONO, PALABRAS E IMÁGENES. Me parece importante que mis lectores puedan ver su obra.

I will quote in your web link in a book that will post on "ABANDONMENT, words and images." It seems important that my readers can see his work. I love your work.
Thank you for compliment -explore the forgotten...!
38.explore the forgotten(non-registered)
Amazing site! Your collection of work blows my mind! Absolutely amazing you are the best at what you do!
Thank you Willem.
Thank you for visit Roman!
35.Willem van Dijke (Hitman.47)(non-registered)
Extraordinary apocalyptic work here man , always love to see this . Maybe someday I will switch a few times to this world...hehe
34.Roman Cirini(non-registered)
I love it amazing work Norbert.....!
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