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Some really cool Urbex photos from my DAeviantART favorites.

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Photoshop tutorial,how to do fantasy landscape My first  tutorial . You can find more and probably better tutorials on internet .This is just my style of work,something easy for start-some basics steps.Learn how to create your own fantasy landscape . Some surreal looking landscape with more images together. Stock images are from Stock.xchng and DeviantArt.Programs-Photoshop CS5 and Color Efex Pro.Thanks for watch .


Eternal Rock







Open Photoshop and create a new 1280x768 pixel document (File > New).


1.Now >brush tool(soft edges) 10% white colour on black background.Like foggy effect.

2.Sky image>edit>free transform.Eraser tool -what i don't need there.Now i have first image and foggy background.


3.Waterfall image>edit>free transform and again eraser tool.I changed this image to b&w>image>adjustment>desaturate or b&w.Now i have one background and two images together-1 background and 2 layers .

4.Now Statue image-just one figure from original psd file.Eraser tool again to remove the unnecessary parts.Desturate and some brightness changes>image>adjustment>brightness or levels or curves.I have 3 images together plus background.


5.Next step-another image-balcony.Desaturation,eraser tool-free transformation.Blending mood multiply.Most of the time multiply or overlay.Now i have 4 images plus background.Save as psd file-when something go wrong,i can start again,because now i want merge layers together and after that i can't moving more with images.Merge layers together>ctrl-E. Just one layer-all images plus background together.

6.Copy layer and i can use burn tool ,dodge tool  and brush tool for last tweaking.Now Color efex pro for colours.This part is about playing with that,what is looking better ,more colors together.Bi color filters or cross processing,cross balance-always different result.

7.Last image-birds.Blending mode> screen and again free transform and eraser tool.

8. Final step -some last tweaking like soft filter or foggy mood...etc.

Thank you for your time,really easy stuff-no time for something bigger.....!

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Tutorials Links  

I just found some tutorials about apocalypse style images-take look,because i have no time make some...ha-ha-ha!

1.Making the Chaos

2.The Making of Urban

3.How To Make a Dark ,Post Apocalyptic city

4. Modern Ruins

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Destroyed City - before and after ! Destroyed City- before and after-just easy steps !

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Futuristic city-before and after ! Futusristic city- before and after-just easy steps ! 

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Before and After This place is about post processing,i want to show you some works before and after processing. I'm not gonna teach you how to use photoshop,just some easy steps.Maybe good start for someone,who like this style of art and who don't now how to start.
When do you need see some tutorials ,you can find that on internet-you tube..etc.I saw some basics tutorials how to work with layers and brushes and i get some HDR help from my flickr's friends-Crittical Mass,Andre Govia-Thank you guys.

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